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Question: I’m a woman, 18 years old. My doctor says I am suffering from TV in the vagina!

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What does that mean, Doc? I guess it must be related to the fact that two months ago I let a handsome sailor from an American cargo ship have sex with me. It was very nice. He knew how to handle a girl. Unfortunately, however, we do not use a condom.

Fortunately, menstruation came, so I’m not pregnant. That’s something to be grateful for.

A week ago, I started to have a vaginal discharge, Doc. It’s a little yellow and it hurt. I tried a couple of home remedies, but they did not do anything good, so I went to the doctor, who diagnosed this ‘TV’ thing.

She has given me a tablet to take and has advised me not to have sex until I am completely cured. But what exactly is this condition?

Answer: Well, the confusing expression ‘TV’ is really short for Trichomonas vaginalis. That is the name of a tiny unicellular parasite, which can be acquired by having sex with an infected person. It can also be transmitted by sex toys.

Trichomonas (or trich) is said to be one of the most common sexual infections in the United States of America, with about 3.7 million people suffering from it at any one time.

I hope you got it from the American sailor, though we’ll never know for sure. As you have discovered, in women, it tends to cause a yellow (or yellow-green) discharge, in addition to considerable pain from the vaginal opening. There may also be pain when urinating.

The secretion is often frothy and tends to have a fishy odor, which is distressing for many women. Anyone who has these symptoms should go to a doctor, and it’s good that you did that.

A simple test with a microscope may reveal to the doctor that the secretion contains little parasitic trichomonas that writhed in the fluid.

Fortunately, the treatment of “TV” is extremely effective. It usually involves taking a pill called metronidazole, also known as Flagyl. It is vitally important to realize that Flagyl  really reacts badly to alcohol, so one should not drink while on it!

To conclude, I should add that “TV” also affects men, sometimes causing pain when urinating and a slight discharge. But often, guys do not know they have it.

I wish this reader a speedy recovery. And I think we can draw three lessons from his story:

– Be careful to have sex with sailors, who, very often, carry germs from one port to another.

– Not having casual sex.

– If you have sex with someone who is not your regular partner, use a condom.

Question: I’m a 17 year old male and I can only find a testicle in my scrotum.

Help me, Doc!

Answer: It may be “stuck” in the narrow canal running from the belly to the scrotum. You should consult a doctor right away in order to find out what is going on. An operation may be necessary to bring the “ball” down into the scrotum. Good luck.

Question: Doctor, I just started with the pill. Is it true that it can cause cancer?

Answer: Pill increases the risks of certain cancers, but more importantly, it protects you against others.

In fact, a new study suggests that it can help protect it for something like 30 years later. This is a good news.

To be more precise, the pill increases your risk of:

– cancer of the cervix;

– breast cancer;

But it reduces the risk of contracting:

– cancer of the womb;

– ovarian cancer;

– cancer of the intestine.

Therefore, almost all doctors now agree that the pill is a pretty safe thing for a young woman to take.

Question: I am considering having sex with a child who says he loves me. If I let it go on, could I protect myself against pregnancy by “washing” my vagina afterwards with a stream of water, Doc?

Answer: Many young women have tried this, but it really does not work.

You see, if you leave a climax of the individual inside you, this means that there will instantly be something like 500 million sperms that arrive at the top of your vagina. That’s a lot! Everyone is busy swimming around, and many of them will soon be finding their way through their cervix and even into their womb.

Putting a stream of water inside you can get rid of many of these sperm, but could also push forward and upward into the uterus. And from there, it is only a distance of a couple of inches before they get into tubes where they can well find an egg (egg) to fertilize.

So actually, the way to avoid pregnancy is to prevent sperm from ever entering the top of the vagina. Possible ways to do this include:

– use an ordinary condom;

– use a female condom;

– using a diaphragm or a cap; or

– not having sex at all.

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