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Flagyl Uses & Dosage

Generic Name: Metronidazole
Brands Names: Entizol, Novonidazol, Protostat

Price Range: $0.45 – $0.70
Dosage: 200mg / 400mg

What is Flagyl

Flagyl (Metronidazole) is a medication that can be used in treating bacterial infections. This pharmacotherapy is proven to be effective for the treatment of anaerobic bacteria.

Metronidazole is a powerful antibiotic medication. Therefore, it is an ideal drug for treatment involving diverse bacterial infections and diseases. Thus, if confronted with a bacterial-related infection, there is the highest chance that treatment will occur when taking Flagyl compared with any other antibiotic drug.

Bacterial infections related to organ systems such as the stomach, vagina, respiratory tract, and joints and skin can be effectively treated with Flagyl. This pharmacotherapy is also recommended for the treatment of other high-risk infections such as bacterial vaginosis, amebiasis, dracunculiasis, trichomoniasis, and giardiasis.

If a patient is in the early stages of Clostridium difficile colitis Flagyl can provide the initial necessary treatment.
Flagyl, when paired with other antibiotic medications, is an effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endocarditis.

Flagyl is offered in several forms and dosages. This includes film-coated pills (250 mg and 500 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg), capsules (375 mg and 500 mg), suppositories (500 mg), and 10% cream.

When undergoing treatment with Flagyl, this medication should only be taken as prescribed by a physician. When taking Flagyl, it is important to not take less than prescribed or stop taking the medication prior to the recommended end-date.

Even if signs and symptoms improve only after taking Flagyl for a short time, it is important to complete the course of therapy as prescribed. This is the only way to ensure the infectious bacteria are thoroughly removed from the body. In contrast, if therapy is stopped prior to the recommended course of therapy, this could result in recurrent infections and negative consequences.

Not only will the bacterial infection return in a more aggressive form, but it will have gained high resistance toward Flagyl. Thus, to treat this more severe infection, a more potent and costly medication will be required.

Flagyl is an essential antibiotic medication, which may be dangerous for some patients who have intolerance or allergy to a specific ingredient found in the drug. However, while possible, negative side effects are rare. Patients undergoing a course of Flagyl treatment should avoid using alcohol and certain medications that may interact with Flagyl. This reduces the likelihood of experiencing an adverse reaction of Flagyl. Additionally, pregnant women or those who plan to get pregnant should provide this information to the treating physician for him/her to provide the proper prescription.

Metronidazole used for dogs and cats is also available. This is an oral antibiotic used to treat various infections caused by bacteria and parasites.

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Flagyl reviews

Jack Jack avatar

I had been taking Flagyl for only a week and the effects were very powerful. However, I did experience some side effects such as nausea and dizziness. Nevertheless, those side effects are not as serious as they sound, and any drug containing metronidazole causes such side effects. Unfortunately, metronidazole has no analogs that are available. Therefore, although this is a super effective drug, it is also important to take it with caution!

Naomi Naomi avatar

A couple of years ago I felt dryness, itching, and burning in my vagina. I went to a clinic and it turned out that I had vaginosis. The doctor prescribed Flagyl, which provided immediate relief. Now, when I have such problems in the genital area, I immediately buy Flagyl. Only ten days later I am symptom-free and as good as new. I even felt comfortable with stopping my visits to the doctor.

Harry Harry avatar

I caught a bacterial infection after visiting my daughter in Japan. I unknowingly also had a dental abscess that made me even sicker. So I did some research and found that Flagyl with Augmentin is a treatment that has helped others. I had to have invasive dental work and I am currently taking a 21 days course of Flagyl 1000 mg x 2 daily with 875 mg Augmentin x 2 daily to avoid recurrent infection. If you feel ill and have lost hope, you should try this drug combination. Yes, it is a lot of antibiotics to take, but I was pretty sick and it helped. I was free of infection at the time of my last dental visit, but I am still taking this medication as a preventative course.

Nick Toms Nick Toms avatar

When taking Flagyl and Cipro for diverticulitis, I experienced all the symptoms that others have not previously reported. This includes dry mouth, headaches, funny taste in the mouth, diarrhea, and a general feeling of exhaustion. Although I was the only one who felt like shit, the pain is gone and I am also on a better diet.

Heather Colon Heather Colon avatar

I was prescribed Flagyl to take twice a day for seven days for BV. I noticed that only after two days on this medication my symptoms were diminished. During the first six days of treatment I took the medication immediately after lunch and dinner with a bottle of water. On day 3 I woke up feeling nauseous and having a headache, but nothing major. Overall, I would recommend this drug for BV.